Network of researchers
Americas climate change

The Network of Climate Change Researchers of the Americas (RICCA) is a scientific and academic network that seeks to link researchers and scholars of Climate Change in the American continent.

Its objective is to scientifically address climate change and its various repercussions (physical, biological, environmental, social, economic, cultural, among others) through the work and collaborative effort of its members, from the American countries and other continents.

The purpose of the Network is to constitute:

  • A space for the socialization of projects, initiatives, experiences related to climate change and its various repercussions in the Americas.
  • A basic tool to initiate projects and undertakings related to climate change and its repercussions through the materials and resources available and published on the Web page.
  • An area that encourages meetings, debates and reflections of the members of the network on climate change, its effects on the continent, the methods and techniques used as well as the analysis of prospective and projective climate.
  • A means by which virtuous synergies are generated, which are the beginning of new research projects on climate change and its repercussions in the Americas.

Join us

If you are a Latin American cartographic institute and wish to belong to the ACCA network, request information.